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Frog Pond Nursery School

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Kathy Corder, Vera Schroeder, and April Stuemke were approached by Dr. D.G. Huelskotter in 1982 about constructing a building for a nursery school in Altamont. Construction began on a little red school house located at 107 West Lincoln Street, in what was known as Nore's Yard. The school was named Frog Pond after Dr. Huelskotter's childhood school which was a one room country school located north of Altamont called "Frog Pond". The first class began in September of 1983. In May of 1984 the first pre-kindergarden class graduated on the tennis court next to the school. In May of 1997 this first class returned for graduation exercises as they were graduating from different area high schools.

April Stuemke is now a teacher at Altamont Lutheran Interparish School and Patti Bloemer who took April's place is now employed at Mid-America Corvette. In May 1990, Dr. Huelskotter donated the school building to the Altamont Lutheran Interparish School. Kathy Corder and Vera Schroeder continue to own and operate the actual business of the nursery school. Kathy and Vera have been at Frog Pond for 21 years and have graduated over 1000 pre-school children to various area kindergardens. Over the span of 20 years, Frog Pond Nursery School has gained the reputation of being one of the area's premier nursery schools.

Frog Pond Nursery School offers an active style teaching program that promotes the intellectual and social education of preschool children by using play activities and informal methods of instruction. An introduction to the Spanish language is offered, as research shows a small amount of a second language instruction at an early age can enrich mental development giving children an advantage in everything they learn. Afternoon Spanish is taught by Roxana Wendling who was a kindergarden teacher in Mexico City until she married Jon Wendling and moved to Altamont.


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