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Frog Pond Nursery School

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1) Statement of service, purpose and goal, and child care philosophy:

The main purpose of Frog Pond Nursery School is to promote the intellectual and social education of preschool children by using play activites and informal methods of instruciton to aid in preparing them for Kindergarten and elementary school.

2) Description of the daily program:

                                    2-Year old program(Friday, 8:30-9:30am or 10:00-11:00am)
                                    Language development
                                    Fine motor skills
                                    Snack, finger plays and songs
    3-Year old program (Mon.-Wed.
                                    or Tue.-Thurs. 8:30-11:00a m)
               8:30-9:00 Free Play
                                    9:00-9:15 Pick up time and opening
                                    9:15-9:30 Fine motor skills/Language development
                                    9:30-9:45 Language development/Fine motor skills
                                    9:45-10:00 Snack/Rest/Quiet reading
                                    10:00-10:15 Art/Readiness skills
                                    10:15-10:30 Spanish/Music
                                    10:30-10:40 Group activity/Stories/Fingerplays/Dances
                                    10:40-11:00 Prepare for dismissal
     4-Year old program (Mon.-Wed.
                                    or Tue.-Thurs. 12:30-3:00pm)
              12:30-1:00 Free Play
                                    1:00-1:15 Pick up time and opening
                                    1:15-1:30 Alphabet or number readiness/Language development
                                    1:30-1:45 Language development/Alphabet or number readiness
                                    1:45-2:00 Snack/Rest/Quiet reading
                                    2:00-2:15 Art/Science/Readines skills
                                    2:15-2:30 Spanish/Music
                                    2:30-2:40 Group activity/Stories/Fingerplays/Dances
                                    2:40-3:00 Prepare for dismissal
All activities will last approximately 15 minutes and are subject to change to aid variety.
For some of the activities the class is split into smaller groups.

3) Fees and plan for payment and delinquent fees:

                                    2-year old program---------$18.00 per month
                                    3-year old program---------$48.00 per month
                                    4-year old program---------$48.00 per month
Fees must be paid the first school day of each month regardless of the number of attendance days in that month.
If this is absolutely not possible, please contact us for other arrangements. If fees are late, a reminder will be
sent and payment will be expected promptly.

4) Types of insurance coverage for children, if applicable:

The school will be fully insured for liability.

5) Admission, enrollment, and discharge policies:

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to or to dismiss any child we feel will be or has been a constant distraction or is destructive toward the safety and benefit of the school.
          a)  Hours of operation:
                                    Monday thru Thursday-----8:30-11:00 am and 12:30-3:00 pm
                                    Friday-------------------8:30-9:30 am and 10:00-11:00 am
b) Holiday and vacation schedule: We will follow the Altamont Unit #10 schedule for holidays and vacation, including snow days.

6) Arrangements for arrival and departure of children:

The entrance and exit is in the alley. The alley is one way going south. Do not let your child out of the car unless one of the teachers is at the door. If you wish to bring your child into the school you may leave your car in the parking lot and walk with your child to the door. Also, children should not arrive sooner that 10 minutes before their class is to begin.

7) Any formal religious observance or instruction:

We will observe a daily Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag. We will say a thank-you prayer before snack time, and we will sing some songs about God and Jesus as well as read some Bible stories.

8) Provision for emergency care, treatment of illness and accident which includes:

     a)  Writen consent from parent of guardian for emergency care in the event the child's
                                    parent, own physician,
or certified paractitioner cannot be reached.

                                    b)  A plan to obtain prompt services of physician and hospitalization, if needed.

                                    c)  A plan for immediately notifying the parent or guardian of any illness, accident or injury to the child.
     d)  A plan to acquire the services of a certified practitioner for a child exempt from
                                    medical care on constitutional
All of these provisions are stated on the consent form #593 which all parents will sign and which the school will keep on file.

9) Visits, trips or excursions off the premises:

Form #593 will be signed by the parents or guardians and filed at the school.

10) Use of photographs for publicity purposes:

Statement signed by parents or guardian and kept on file at the school.

11) Procedures concerning personal belongings brought to the school:

The child's name should be written or marked on any personal belonging brought to the school. Also, a backpack or bag is helpful getting everything home.

12) Policy regarding release of personal information on the child:

The forms which will be signed by the parents and kept on file at the school are strictly confidential between the signers and the school.

13) Planned means of communication between the school and the parents:

Parents may visit or observe a class at any time. Conferences with the teachers should be before or after class or at a scheduled time. Monthly newsletters and messages will be sent home with the children. The teachers may be reached by phone both at the school and at home.

                                    Frog Pond Nursery School---618-483-6633
                                    Kathy Corder---------------618-483-5817
                                    Vera Schroeder-------------618-483-3169